SOARC - The Society for Architecture

Berlin - Milano - Weimar

The aim of SOARC is to promote architecture and design, especially by improving the public understanding of architecture’s social significance and complex relationships with the environment. This is done through an attitude, which encourages the understanding of architecture inside the framework of disciplines with which it interacts continuously, especially the applied arts, landscape and craftsmanship in its various forms.

That is why architecture is understood here as a knowledge of doing, as a material practice with its very own effective toolset, capable of intervening everywhere, a practice which — by shaping how things look like and what they can do — is able to reveal hidden potentials or produce them, to start productive processes where there have been none.

Architecture in fact is a way of relating to the world around us by doing as well as seeing. Sometimes it is about inventing that what is not there, while other times it is about seeing what is there but has not been seen yet.

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