SAFT is a concentrate of Architecture, Art and Culture, a huge sheet of paper of 1 square meter of size. It multiplies in your hands growing in an exponential manner.

SAFT is light 40 gram, but it is dense in contents, feedback and feedforward, in juxtapositions, casual encounters.

SAFT is low cost but high value. Published randomly in limited edition it investigates experimentally the encounter between Architecture and other related creative practices, between applied arts and sciences. Carefully selected unpublished materials from different fields are combined in such a way as to incite the maximum amount of questions.

SAFT is inflammable, concrete, factual, fresh, energizing. It may contain traces of punk, forbidden fruits, may be political incorrect, be very expensive or very cheap, sometimes be nonsense, of exotic flavors, non useful, weird, luxurious, loud, snob, erratic, capricious.

SAFT [zaft] (pl. -..e) en. juice, esp. zumo, it. succo, fr. jus


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