ALAD (Architecture&Land Ambient Design) is an experimental design studio and research-unit which acts as a multidisciplinary platform in which a group of architects, landscape architects, artists, designers as well as writers are collaborating. The shared attitude interprets design as a material practice, which crosses disciplinary boundaries, and which, through a predominantly experimental and unconventional design and research practice, is able to investigate the changing conditions of contemporary spaces.
ALADlabs is part of an extensive international network, resulting in consolidated partnerships and on-going collaborations in Europe and beyond. Active in design, research, teaching, publishing, in congresses and conferences, it has been and is present in many exhibitions in Italy and abroad, winning major awards, such as, for example, the first prize at the 5th Biennal Internacional de Paisatge de Barcelona. In addition to numerous research activities for public authorities, ALAD participates in EU research programmes.


Saalfelder Straße 80
07381 Pößneck

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